Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply imbibed in Jubilant’s approach towards sustainable development where ‘community’ is considered as one of its apex stakeholders. CSR is the commitment of the Company to contribute towards inclusive growth.

Taking forward its promise of Caring, Sharing, Growing, the Company established Jubilant Bhartia Foundation (JBF) in the year 2007 as a not for profit organization under section 8 of the Companies Act. The activities of JBF are driven towards channelling resources for bringing measurable social change in the community and adding value to the lives of people whom it works with. The Foundation is active in the realm of education & digital literacy in rural areas, accessible & affordable basic health care, enhancing sustainable livelihood and promoting social enterprises in India.

Besides, JBF initiatives also provide lots of opportunity for employee engagement in CSR programmes through workplace volunteering and contributions.

Jubilant as a responsible corporate works in the line of Sustainable Development Goals with a thrust on social performance. The CSR activities at Jubilant are in sync with the Companies Act, 2013.


Goal: Strengthening Rural Government Education System in the project areas


  • To improve the learning environment in the Government schools
  • Sustaining the interest of the students to attend school
  • To improve the quality of study imparted to the students
  • To motivate students to take up higher studies

Mode of Action: Participatory approach, community involvement, monthly activity-based learning - (oration, writing, plantation, art & crafts etc.) are organized for the students' Mode


  • Increase in reading, writing and speaking skills of project ‘Muskaan’ Students
  • Decrease in dropouts & absenteeism
  • Increase in no. of students opting for higher studies

Project Muskaan

(Strengthening Rural Primary Education System)

  • Reaching out to 11,000 students
  • Enhancing the quality of education, decline in absenteeism and dropout rate
  • Established a scholarship programme (Jubilant Pratibha Puraskar) for the talented students to support them in continuing their secondary education under the mentorship of our select employee
  • Replicating Project Muskaan in select schools of
  • Digital Literacy in rural schools in association with HP


Goal: To promote health-seeking behavior and provide effective basic healthcare to the community


  • To reach out to the community residing with poor health services and information
  • To provide preventive and curative health service in the project areas

Mode of Action:


  • Initiated community-based pilot project named ‘Swasthya Prahari’ in Public- Private-People Partnerships (4P) model
  • ‘Nirog Bachpan’-School health check-up programme


  • Substituting health service through mobile/static health clinics in the project areas

Ultimate Outcome: Healthy community

Providing basic health care services through mobile/static clinic to a population of 4.5 lacs
  • ‘Nirog bachpan’ – School health checkup program
  • Jubilant Aarogya – Providing affordable healthcare services through JBF Medical Centre
  • Swasthya Prahari – Women health guards (volunteers) to work on safe motherhood & promote institutional delivery.
  • Combating Malnutrition – Awareness program to prevent malnutrition amongst the children up to age 5 in the project villages. Growth monitoring of the children through mobile-based application.


Goal: Sustainable livelihood opportunity for all

Objective: To create institutions with forwarding linkages which providing essential training for improving employability of the local youths

Mode of Action: Vocational training centres, self-help group, technical literacy at schools, providing forward linkages for employment

Outcome: Increased the employability of youths

Nayee Disha – Skill development programs at the Vocational Training Centres (VTC) at Gajraula, Nanjangud and Nira with the engagement of a social enterprise aims at helping the trainees find ‘vocation for life’ on successful completion. Providing training on various trades including Fabrication, Sewing, Electronics/ Electric appliance repairing and Driving etc. The VTC having the capacity of training 2000 candidates per year.

Project Sakhsam – Supporting microenterprises through the provision of interest-free loans for the community members to start their own enterprise for a living.

Digital Literacy – Launched to promote digital literacy amongst community members of five states of India.

Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence- FACE

An initiative between CII and Jubilant Bhartia to build capacity while leveraging technology and innovation to improve productivity and the environmental footprint of agriculture.

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship:

Goal: Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship

Objective: Recognizing promising and successful social entrepreneurs, with excellence in largescale, system change models

Mode of Action: Online application process, multilevel selection process, due diligence, independent Jury round of selection and winner announcements at a prestigious award ceremony

Outcome: The recipients of the award get global exposure, an opportunity to connect with key partners at regional forums and global summits of the World Economic Forum and an opportunity to learn sector-specific best practices and scale their solutions through partnerships.

  • The Jubilant Bhartia Foundation (JBF) has collaborated with the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship to recognize and award exceptional individuals and provide them with international opportunities
  • A decade of recognizing entrepreneurs who make change happen
  • Over 1,500 applications, with one-third of them applied by women in the last 10 years
  • The criteria of selection for the award include innovation, sustainability, direct social impact, reach & scope, scalability, market linkages, technology-enabled and the potential of the candidate
  • The selection is made through a rigorous due diligence process followed by a Jury round with distinguished members of society in the jury panel