About Us

Vision, Values & Promise

Our Vision

To acquire and maintain global leadership position in chosen areas of businesses.

To continuously create new opportunities for growth in our strategic businesses.

To be among the top 10 most admired companies to work for.

To continuously achieve a return on invested capital of at least 10 points higher than the cost of capital.

Our Values

  • We will carefully select, train and develop our people to be creative and empower them to take decisions, so that they respond to all stakeholders with agility, confidence and teamwork.

  • We stretch ourselves to be cost effective and efficient in all aspects of our operations and focus on flawless delivery to create and provide the best value to our stakeholders.

  • By sharing our knowledge and learning from each other and from the markets we serve, we will continue to surprise our stakeholders with innovative solutions.

  • With utmost care for the environment and safety, we will always strive to excel in the quality of our processes, our products and our services.

Our Promise

Caring, Sharing, Growing

We will, with utmost care for the environment and society, continue to enhance value for our customers by providing innovative products and economically efficient solutions; and for our stakeholders through growth, cost effectiveness and wise investment of resources.