Business Segments

R&D and Intellectual Property

Jubilant Pharmova is a global pharmaceutical organisation involved in development of new products and improvement of the existing ones and in order to create more value for our customers, we invest significant energy and resources in Research & Development activities.

With a multi location network and a wide spectrum of product and service offerings, the nature of research work and intellectual property is required to be well structured and geographically aligned. About 1000 Jubilant professionals are engaged in research & development activities across different locations.

Since we focus on a partnership model based on acquisition and alliances, we lay emphasis on protection and growth of our intellectual properties. Having been in the industry for a long period of time, we possess the knowledge and technology that is required to support product development, however we also focus on improving this technology and knowhow. While our production technologies comprise of specialised proprietary know-how, with every opportunity to develop products for third parties, we are also open to adopting the technology and knowhow of the third party to execute the development process after obtaining necessary licenses.